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Good intentions, bad Web service, and the New Year

Posted by [email protected] on January 1, 2012 at 6:50 PM

It's been quite a while since I posted here, so what better way to start of the New Year than saying hey to everyone, and giving you a quick update on what's been happening, and what may be coming down the road.

At least that was my plan, and I'll still do that. Unfortunately, Webs.com, which hosts this blog and thousands of others (the service claims), can't seem to make the hyperlink function work (again), so the Websites and other places where I hope to refer you may not work. You can copy and paste them in your address bar, though!

Now, on with the blog.

First, the publishing news. Not a lot to report here, but my story A Mother's Love will appear in the Night Terrors 2 anthology, published by Blood Bound Books. The anthology is set to be released in January, but the exact date may change, so I'm hesitant to put that here. I'll update the blog as soon as I get a date.

Second, I have a Kindle! More specifically, I won a Kindle from writer Michelle Garren Flye (http://michellegflye.wordpress.com/), who held a winter solstice give-away contest and yours truly was the lucky victor! Actually, it was more like my wife won. As soon as I told her I had won, she replies “I've always wanted one of those.” So, I'm hoping to get a little use out of it myself. So far, it's begun to look like a new appendage for my wife, and when she's not using it my 10-year-old is.

Here's the big thing about the Kindle. Last year I started doing a bit of research regarding e-publishing, and found it to be a legitimate option for publishing that is growing in popularity and respect within the literary world. I tried to organize a writer's cooperative to take on the brave new world of e-publishing, but found little interest among the writers I knew and then had a few setbacks myself.

One of my obstacles was the fact I didn't own a Kindle, and while I believe one could do e-publishing to Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers without one, it would be supremely difficult to do so. Not that you need a Kindle to really do it, but it sure would be advantageous to own one and see from the consumer's end what the hubbub is all about. Maybe this will be one of the final pieces I need in place to move ahead with the e-publishing venture.

Third, I'm opening up a blog/Web presence over on Blogspot.com that's a little different than the one you see here. I plan to keep this Dark Scribblings Website going (provided the technical glitches are eliminated), with more updates than I've had in the past, but a lot of my work will be showing up at http://johnpeters2.blogspot.com/. My writing has changed over the years, and while I continue to gravitate toward horror in many forms with what I read – and still occasionally write – I've ventured into other genres as well with my writing, and I think the http://johnpeters2.blogspot.com/ site is a little less darkly atmospheric. If you want to know more about this other writing...well, you'll have to wait until later this year!

As for the Dark Scribblings Blogspot, hop on over and take a look. Over the coming weeks I'll unveil a few more announcements about my writing, feature a couple of interviews with other authors, and maybe even post a bit of my own fiction. So come on over and take a look.

That's about it for now, but more will be coming soon!

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